Santa Fe de la Laguna

Today we visit Santa Fe de la Laguna, the oldest village in Michoacán.

Santa Fe was founded in 1533, eight years before the capital in Vallodolid (now named Morelia). Located about an hour's drive west of Morelia, this pueblo is still the home of the Purépucha, the indigenous people who have lived in Michoacán for centuries. (In fact, one must be of Purépucha origin to live in the village.)


Santa Fe de la Laguna is such a lovely little village, in which the women still wear traditional attire. As the animators at Pixar were working on the 2017 film "Coco," they were particularly inspired by its main church. They also met local resident María Salud Ramírez Caballero and based (some say) the character of Mama Coco on her. Ramirez Caballero passed away in October 2022, shortly after celebrating her 109th birthday.